Jean-Jacques Derboux decrypts the Mediterranean garden

Jean-Jacques Derboux decrypts the Mediterranean garden

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Landscape designer and author of the book "Before-After: creating a Mediterranean-style garden without watering", published by Ulmer, Jean-Jacques Derboux returns to us on the Mediterranean garden and its particularities.

Tell us about your background.

I have an initial training as a gardener at the MFR du Grand Mas in Uzès. I then created Jardéco, my company of creation and maintenance of gardens with from 1992 a design office service "garden project" which became a service in its own right in 1997. In 2004, Jardéco became Garden Gecko, which is growing with the arrival of my collaborator designer Edith Bertholon. In 2008, I created "Advice dry gardens", a service of advice to arrange oneself its garden and 2012 marks the publication of my book "Create a garden without watering, Mediterranean style" with the editions Ulmer.

What is a Mediterranean garden?

It is a garden which is mainly composed of plant species of Mediterranean origin and which are therefore particularly adapted to this climate. The great diversity of Mediterranean plants offers a wide range of composition for the designer. In addition, this type of garden has the great advantage of requiring little or no water and requiring only minimal maintenance.

What is your advice for creating this type of garden?

First of all, you should know that the choice of plants is essential. It is also necessary to prepare the soil well which must be draining. It is advisable to plant in the fall, small plants, which are less expensive and which have a better capacity for adaptation and therefore recovery. The establishment of a mineral mulch is interesting because it offers many colors that allow to enhance the plants but also to limit watering, protect from frost and restrict the growth of grasses.

What budget should we budget if we hire a landscaper?

It is extremely difficult to give a budget because the cost depends in particular on the surface. But be aware that using a landscaper is an investment that is profitable because it avoids errors and the result in the medium and long term is guaranteed. And you can be sure that your real estate heritage will be highlighted.

Could you give us an address for Mediterranean gardens to visit?

The Redounel gardens which are my private gardens! They were produced between 1992 and 2012. They are broken down into four different universes: a Japanese-inspired garden, a romantic garden, a nourishing garden and a contemporary garden with an organic swim. These gardens are open for national or regional events, such as "Rendez-vous aux jardins", "Le temps des jardins en Languedoc-Roussillon" and "European Heritage Days". More info on GARDEN GECKO - design office and garden facilities - 34820 Assas - - 04 67 59 61 40