What partitions should you plan for an Italian shower?

What partitions should you plan for an Italian shower?

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Answer: a partition made of water-repellent plaster tiles, panels of extruded polystyrene, glass or aerated concrete.

In line with the current trend, the Italian shower requires a very special installation with a good seal above all. It is therefore necessary to provide partitions suitable for this type of installation. Here are the recommended choices: either opt for a tiled partition by choosing water-repellent plaster tiles with a waterproofing strip that can be connected with the wall and the floor on which the partition rests, or for extruded polystyrene panels, a very light material recognized for its exceptional resistance to humidity. You can also choose a glass partition, which is more expensive to buy but offers a greater feeling of space, or even make an Italian shower partition in aerated concrete. You too, send us your brico question