Paris: 5 decorative addresses around the Cardinal Lemoine metro

Paris: 5 decorative addresses around the Cardinal Lemoine metro

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Left bank, halfway between Maubert-Mutualité and Jussieu, line 10 of the metro serves Cardinal Lemoine station. Do you know little or nothing? Pity. Because here, you only have to go up the street to get to the Pantheon, or down it to invite yourself to the Institute of the Arab world, and enjoy, all around, dozens of chic, authentic or trendy decorative places in discover… Starting with our 5 favorites of the neighborhood here.

Candy on the palate

"Life is much better with candy". It is written in chalk on a blackboard, and it is Georges, the owner, who is the author. And we give him totally right! Especially since we land here as a child would land in the palace of gluttony ... And for good reason: pretty candy jars and glass jars contain precious artisanal delights from the 5 corners of France; pastel colors mingle with the scent of calissons, candied fruit, Vichy and marshmallow, while schoolchildren's labels followed by chalkboards bring us back to a classroom from the 1950s. des Ecoles is a stone's throw away and our sweetie is candy… 19 Rue Monge, 75005 Paris

The wolf tile

Handicrafts made in France are also in the spotlight in the pretty and discreet La tuile à loup boutique! Destined to sublimate our tableware with authenticity and originality, it offers a wide range of pottery, plates, tablecloths and baskets handmade according to local know-how from our different regions. Little more ? The bestiary style, very much in vogue lately, sublimating dishes, plates, terrines, tureens and bells. Notice to amateurs! 35 rue Daubenton, 75005 Paris

Breakfast in America

A little round trip to the "States" for a brunch, are you tempted? We take you to BIA (Breakfast in America), the most authentic American dinner in all of Paris. For the record, it is precisely an American, Craig Carlson, who, of frequent passage in Paris, realizes that only one thing is missing in the City of Light: his breakfast! He then decides to create a 100% USA place, for his compatriots in the film industry regularly on site, expatriates and any lover of "real" American meals! Red leather armchairs, small and large appliances like USA, high chairs and sixties stools, all strewn with some posters of mythical films. Bingo: you are in New York! Even the waiters and their American accent participate in the most total change of scenery! As for the menu, you will not be disappointed. Pancakes, burgers, wraps and milkshakes just perfect, are all strengths of this traditional place decidedly coveted. 17 rue des Ecoles, 75005 Paris

The Paris Mosque

After the United States: the Maghreb! Because just a stone's throw from the Jardin des Plantes, the sublime Paris Mosque is an invitation to travel. Inside its sparkling white facades, it conceals indeed, impressive mosaics, marble coverings and Moroccan columns that deserve to be admired. But above all, we offer a moment of tranquility in one of the most beautiful (and cheapest) hammams in the capital (reserved for women), before feasting on oriental pastries on its intimate and shaded terrace or 'a traditional couscous in its integrated restaurant. A chic way to get away from the daily grind… 2 Place du Puits de l'Ermite, 75005 Paris

All noted

And finally, a nice stationery 50 meters from the metro. Stationery, but not only! Because inside, some of our favorite little decorative items are just waiting to be taken away. Good to know: the garlands to compose yourself from the Case Cousin Paul, the decorative mobiles from Flensted and the playful office accessories signed Pa Design. But also Japanese eco-bags or "car" pencil pots. Back to school approaching slowly but surely, this is good to "note", precisely.
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