The 5 patterns of seaside style

The 5 patterns of seaside style

During the summer, the seaside style is the darling! Not only does it bring the holidays into the house but it is also very soothing. Suddenly, we do not hesitate to adopt it all year long by betting on one of the flagship patterns of this style.

The boats

When you think of the seaside and the marine world, boats are essential and immediately set the scene in your interior. Whether you are passionate about sailing or just traveling, boats can find their place in your decoration. You can opt for models or stylized boats or choose textiles that use this motif.


And since we are talking about boats, also know that the anchor of these draws its pin from the game. Very trendy, this motif evokes both boats and sailors who wore this motif as a tattoo on their arm. Today, it becomes a real decorative object but also a motif to apply on a cushion for example.


What would the seaside be without the seashells? The good news is that you can pick up a few to use in your decor. Our tip: place them under a glass globe to make them more precious. You will also find them in stickers for a bathroom for example.

The fish

The marine world is also the underwater world! And then there is room for all the colorful fish and other seahorses and starfish that make deep waters so exciting. They are found on almost all decorative objects: from the tablecloth to the cushion, passing by the stickers and the carpets.

The stripes

Finally, if we had to keep only one motif perfectly representative of the seaside style, it would undoubtedly be stripes in a nautical style. In blue and white, these stripes have the advantage of distilling the seaside style with subtlety in order to adapt to a more contemporary or design atmosphere. Our practical seaside decoration videos