Black and white, much more than a fashion

Black and white, much more than a fashion

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This color duo remains a classic in decoration. Black is not considered a color. And for good reason it does not return any part of the visible light spectrum. White is the visual sensation obtained with a continuous light spectrum. But enough science and room for decoration!

The history of the duo

If we talk about white and black we have to talk about gray. This mixture of two non-colors itself becomes a color and has helped to create the legend. This legend was born with the appearance of photography and cinema. At one time, photographs and films were filmed in black and white. Do not forget to tell your children that people of that time saw them correctly - that is, in color! Before the 1940s and the first color films we saw black and white on all screens. Then it is in fashion that we meet black and white in history. We think then of Gabrielle Chanel and her elegant and stripped-down two-tone outfits, which Karl Lagerfeld took over years later. In the world of decoration, designer Andrée Putman, who died in early 2013, spearheaded it, notably with her famous work for the Morgans Hotel in New York in 1984.

We adapt them to all styles

Black and white never really left the house, even when you think they are gone. Look around and you will notice that in almost all the interiors, the walls are white or off-white and that many people have black or dark-colored furniture. If you want more, nothing could be simpler! Large brands have adapted to demand and today black and white can be found in all stores and for all prices. From the living room to the bathroom through the garage, you can customize your interior without problem. This non-colored duo can be combined with all styles. In a pop interior, we play on graphics and patterns: stripes, polka dots, illustrations ... For an elegant style, the woodwork on the walls is a good starting point. We then add black accessories with a chic and simple design to enhance the space. You want a wild interior, no worries with animal prints like zebras or cows. A Zen atmosphere? Play the relaxation card with yin yang acronyms that symbolize balance in Chinese culture. Thus black and white adapt to all desired styles.

3 mistakes to avoid

The first thing to know is that you shouldn't just put black and white. We do not hesitate to add shades of gray so as not to fall into a catastrophic schizophrenia. We can also mix our shock duo with colors, real ones! A touch of yellow, green, blue or red can wake up the mood. Black and white then become the starting point for the decor. Second mistake to avoid if you like graphics: contain yourself. Avoid lining the 4 walls of the room with wallpaper with stripes or hyper-repetitive patterns. Prefer to cover only one of the four walls and a solid color on the other three. Your eyes will say thank you. Third, play with the materials. Black and white can quickly become cold. And apart from in the bathroom, we all like to feel warmly welcomed in a room. We then mix natural elements such as wood or leather, considered warm, with cooler materials, such as glass or lacquer for total harmony. Our practical table decoration videos