It's hot, make way for ice cream!

It's hot, make way for ice cream!

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When temperatures rise, the stars of cooling are ice creams! And if these are "homemade", it's even better. Suddenly, we invest in accessories that will make ice creams and sorbets throughout the summer.

Make the ice cream

Before enjoying a little freshness, you must start by making your ice cream! And for that, nothing like an ice cream maker that will do all the work for you. Be aware that the most economical models are those that have a tank to put in the freezer for 24 hours because their system is less elaborate and you will find for thirty euros. If you do not want to invest in a household appliance, you can also bet on Zoku, an eskimo machine which does not need electricity or on simple silicone molds which will allow you to make delicious ice creams with water .

Taste them!

Once your preparation is well glazed, it's time for a tasting! If you have opted for a traditional ice cream maker, the ice cream scoop is essential for making beautiful balls. We choose a solid model that has a good grip to overcome the ice. Then, don't forget to treat yourself to some ice cream bowls that will give a very summery side to your compositions. In this case, then remember to select suitable spoons that will allow you to get to the bottom of the cup. The final touch? A small umbrella to stick in your ice creams and sorbets to feel on vacation and better withstand the heat. Our practical table decoration videos


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