Our tips for refreshing your room this summer

Our tips for refreshing your room this summer

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Summer is here and after having waited for many weeks, we are on the verge of regretting it. But before falling into post-heat depression, here are our tips for cooling down indoors.

For a cool room, ventilate overnight

No matter how much you turn and turn, you can't fall asleep. In a few minutes the pillow no longer has any cool side to help us and we quickly go around in circles. The solution ? Sleep with the window open! To prevent mosquitoes and other insects from disturbing you, there are several solutions. Sleeping cool in peace is possible thanks to the mosquito net. This very tight mesh net lets air pass easily but not mosquitoes. We can then sleep with the windows open wide. Sheer curtains are also used, which obstruct insects but allow air to pass through.

To keep the room cool, we invest

We no longer ask ourselves the question, we invest. There are many solutions to refresh your room. The classic fan is an inexpensive and practical solution. To gain freshness, you have a large bottle of frozen water in front of you, which will allow you to lose a few degrees. Those who are most unhappy with the heat will prefer a tower or air conditioning, which however costs more on average. It is also possible for a few hundred euros to invest in a cooling mattress pad!

Protect yourself from the sun in the bedroom

Between children, everyday problems, it is a real headache to fall asleep. And the heat that hits us in summer does nothing. During the day, to keep the freshness of the night, you close your curtains or blinds and do not reopen them until the evening when you return. Thus the sun will not knock on your tiles and will heat the room less.


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