Focus on the French and outdoor leisure

Focus on the French and outdoor leisure

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The Observatoire des loisirs en plein air de Campingaz offers for the fourth year to return to the report of the French to outdoor activities. How many French people garden? Do they like picnics and barbecues? So many questions answered by the 2013 study carried out in partnership with OpinionWay with 1,003 individuals.

Outdoor recreation for all

The summer season is of course the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors! And as in response to the crisis and stress, the desire to spend time in nature is a real trend that affects all generations! The Campingaz outdoor leisure observatory thus shows that 97% of French people practice at least one outdoor leisure activity, be it barbecue, camping, picnicking or even hiking. And these activities appear as a return to the simple values ​​that practitioners are looking for.

The French and gardening

French people and gardening are almost a love story since ¾ of French people practice it regularly. 90% even consider gardening or the vegetable garden as a creative and de-stressing leisure activity, a real therapy to tame their stress! And if the garden and more specifically the vegetable garden are so successful, it is because the French find their account there. Not only do they think that this allows them to practice green gestures on a daily basis and act in favor of biodiversity, but they also find that it is a source of savings (87%) and that the fruits and vegetables grown are better (97%). Suddenly, they do not hesitate to invest with an average budget of 32 euros!

France, the new barbecue country

If it is the United States which is often perceived as the kings of the barbecue, the French are not outdone since 87% devote themselves to it in particular for its friendly spirit. 9 out of 10 French people prefer a barbecue with friends than a "garden party" at the Elysée. Finally, for the French (63%), the barbecue is evolving and today offers a more elaborate and refined cuisine than traditional sausages, in particular thanks to new, more efficient barbecues. But if the French like to enjoy barbecues, they like it less because 44% prefer someone else to do it!

The picnic as a new meal

Lunch on the grass is again very trendy and 84% of French people practice it regularly! The principle of economic-festive seduces and moments of conviviality are honored especially after a hike. But at the office also the picnic is attractive because the French are turning more and more to home-made rather than box snacks. And when we ask the French people with whom they would like to picnic, among the artists Garou, Nolwenn Leroy and Thomas Dutronc come out on top when it comes to cinema, humor is the key feature with as favorite guests the actors Omar Sy, Jean Dujardin and Fabrice Lucchini . > More info on