In the office of… Roman Hippolyte

In the office of… Roman Hippolyte

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Painter, writer, storyteller, director, poet and cook, Hippolyte Romain defines himself as a dream performer. A precious quality when you are also the artistic director of the Jardin d'Acclimatation. Between exhibitions and theatrical performances, he is preparing a storybook dedicated to his little boy.

The 18th century spirit

By entering Hippolyte Romain, who lives alone in an apartment with all Parisian dimensions, one immediately abandons the idea of ​​finding an office there. After crossing a corridor filled with his paintings, a large and surprising room takes you back to another era. Heavy drapes at the windows, small tables covered with crimson velvet, mirrors, carpets and chandeliers, the 18th century spirit permeates the place. Considered as the main room, or more precisely essential by the artist, this living room has another particularity: a Chinese bed, in other words the bedroom. It will be understood, it is here that Hippolyte Romain works, receives and dreams.

A desk ? To do what ?

Hippolyte has always lived there, and has never felt the need for an office or even a workshop. "I would have the impression of entering a profession," he explains. No, definitely the pencils lying around, the brushes and the rags covered with paints placed here and there hardly suit him. When he starts working, he sets up one of his small tables and puts his tools of the moment on them. For the time being, it's a black felt tip pen because he writes poems dedicated to his little boy. Once read to the main interested, he illustrates them with the talent that he knows, and will release the album next year.

Decorate children's rooms

Bewitched by two cultures, 18th century Venice and yesterday's Beijing, Roman Hippolyte is a nomad. The houses interest him when they tell a story or when he is the one who writes it. At the Jardin d'Acclimatation, we can hear him telling them, sometimes, in the tea house with an incredible decor, staged by him, and where he organizes winter weekends for various readings and performances. This summer, he is in Ars en Ré for an exhibition dedicated to him. Who knows where he will take his magic universe next. He who dreams of decorating children's rooms.

Roman Hippolyte's favorite objects

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