How to choose the armchair from a small space?

How to choose the armchair from a small space?

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Do you want an armchair but don't have much space to devote to it? Do not panic, small spaces are also entitled to a nice chair provided you choose it well. So to help you select your model, here are some very useful tips.

The choice of the shape of the armchair

To choose your chair, you must above all show common sense! Indeed, if you lack space, you must imperatively the bulky chairs. Among the small armchairs, you can turn without hesitation to the cabriolet armchairs, small and refined, or even the toad armchairs which have almost no armrests. In general, favor armchair models whose armrests are not too wide in order to avoid taking up too much space and to maximize the size of the seat and therefore your comfort.

The choice of the decoration of the armchair

In a small space, the chair should not only not take up too much space but also not visually overload the room. So, be clever and opt for a sleek model that will appear less bulky. You can also count on solid textiles which will be more discreet than patterns and will offer you a less visually bulky look. If you want to offer yourself patterns, favor patterns in tone on tone or in shades of color so that the fantasy remains sober. Finally, little tip, favor a standing model so that the chair looks lighter! You will find, for example, Scandinavian style armchairs which are mounted on metal or wooden legs for a sleek look. Our practical decoration videos