What to do in case of electric shock ?

What to do in case of electric shock ?

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Answer: emergency gestures to know.

Called electrocution when it leads to death, electrification is always a serious accident when it occurs, but a few emergency gestures can help limit its consequences. The very first thing to do in the event of electric shock will be to cut the power. The human body being conductive, you should never touch a victim of electrification before the total cut of the current. The second step will then be to call the emergency services at the various emergency numbers (15 for the emergency services, 18 for the fire brigade, etc.). Then bring the victim the first aid gestures. To prevent the risk of electric shock, never use electrical devices with wet hands or feet, in a damp place such as a bath, or in the shower. Avoid splashing water on electrical installations, have your electrical installation checked, and do not tinker with your installation without first cutting off the power. You too, send us your decoration question