Biodiversity: mistakes to avoid in the garden

Biodiversity: mistakes to avoid in the garden

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We talk a lot about respecting the planet but know that it starts with respecting your garden and the biodiversity it hosts! Because you may not realize it, but your garden is home to a multitude of living organisms and species that are necessary for the flourishing of the garden but also of the planet. So to help you preserve biodiversity at home, we blow you some mistakes to avoid.

Do not use products that destroy nature

The sworn enemy of biodiversity in the garden is phytosanitary products which destroy certain insects and which at the same time destroy the balance of the garden. Indeed, each insect responds to a function. For example, aphids feed on ants, so if you use products to kill aphids you leave the field open to them and you will have to always use more products which are then found in fruits, vegetables and groundwater and which gradually destroy ecosystems. Fortunately, you can garden without using your products! You just have to bet on natural "remedies" that just keep insects away from your roses for example. Nettle manure or garlic oil are very effective, for example, in keeping aphids away.

Don't be afraid of insects

Without saying that insects are our friends, keep in mind that they are necessary for the balance of the garden. Also, you understood, you must avoid eliminating them from the garden! Better still, you can invite them to it and help their development. For this, know that there are "hotels for insects" which are small wooden houses containing several very small cavities to accommodate insects from the garden and help them settle permanently. It is for example ideal for having ladybugs in your garden. In addition, if you do not want to invest in a dedicated accessory, also know that nature is very well made and that you can offer insects a less luxurious hotel. To do this, you just have to leave a bunch of branches at the bottom of your garden or place a few bamboo stems for the insects to nest comfortably. And why not install a compost space in your garden to encourage the appearance of various species that will happily feed on your leftover meals!

Don't neglect the flowers

If you want to help biodiversity function well, you can plant a few flowers in your garden as this will invite bees and other pollinators into your outdoor space. And it is important because it is the bees that allow the pollination of plants, that is to say their reproduction and this is crucial for the future of the planet. Humans therefore have every interest in protecting and harboring bees even on a small scale to help preserve the planet. Find all the mistakes to avoid in your garden.


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