What is the "fall" for the evacuation of waste water?

What is the "fall" for the evacuation of waste water?

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Answer: the chute is the wastewater discharge column.

Wastewater is called the system by which wastewater is discharged. This is the water drainage column which, in general, consists of a piping system through which the water is conveyed to its destination. This piping system is, of course, regulated. There are two types of falls. First of all, you will find the separate chute which consists in conveying in a separate way the two types of wastewater which exist: the domestic waters which are those of the kitchen, the bathroom and the shower, and the waters valves which are the toilet waters. These two types of water are therefore routed through different tubes. It is a conventional tube, that is to say a smooth tube. The second type of fall is the single fall. As its name suggests, all wastewater is routed through the same conduit. These are ribbed tubes inside. The ribs prevent odors due to de-phishing. These tubes must be resistant to high temperatures. You too, send us your DIY question.


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