Unusual: the seapunk style in decoration

Unusual: the seapunk style in decoration

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The decor goes backwards and makes a stop in the 1990s. Refreshed on the web by youth 2.0, this trend has its effect and has been relayed this season on the fashion catwalks. Fusion between the sea and the punk clothing style, the world of decoration will retain only the idyllic landscapes and the pastel colors, inspired by the aquatic world, which are displayed proudly on the fabrics.

But where does this trend come from?

The decor seems to be going backwards on which we weren't about to bet. However, it stopped in the 1990s and brought out the patterns inspired by a fantastic aquatic world, whose queen of the movement would be the Little Mermaid. Dolphins, mermaids, moire colors inspired by the beautiful harmony of tropical fish scales, paradisiacal landscapes take possession of the fabrics and take us back 20 years back. This trend also ventures into the intergalactic universe. Dust from stars, planets and meteorites make us travel in space.

In decoration what does it give?

We thought they were old-fashioned but immediately bring out your duvet covers with dolphins or other idyllic landscapes offering white sand beaches and a turquoise blue sea. The important thing is the colors. They are soft, in shades of tones. Cotton candy pink, turquoise blue… are enhanced with iridescent reflections. This harmony adds a dose of optimism to your interior and that's good because it is needed!