Can I benefit from a tax credit for my air conditioning?

Can I benefit from a tax credit for my air conditioning?

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Answer: only if you buy a reversible heat pump.

There has been no more tax credit for the purchase of air conditioning equipment since 2010 with one exception: the reversible heat pump. It is indeed part of the equipment using renewable energies, and it is for this reason that tax advantages are granted. The tax credit can then go up to 25% of the cost of the device. Those who do not pay tax are sent a check by the state. Capped according to the number of people in the household, this tax credit only concerns the purchase of the appliance, once any subsidies have been deducted. It is subject to various conditions and in particular to installation by the same company as that which sold the heat pump in an old dwelling, by the manufacturer in a new dwelling. It is also limited to a limited number of outdoor units, one for dwellings up to four rooms and a maximum of three. Each heat pump indicates on its packaging if it is eligible for the tax credit. You too, send us your DIY question.