Why adopt patchwork?

Why adopt patchwork?

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If you do not know how to decide between dots and stripes, the patchwork should seduce you since it allows to multiply the patterns for a set that exudes cheerfulness and originality. Zoom on this reason to adopt urgently.

Patchwork, the favorite motif of the undecided

If usually, we recommend not mixing the patterns, with the patchwork pattern everything is allowed! Thus, the dots mix with the stripes, the checkerboard adapts with flowery patterns with ease. It is actually a set which generally consists of small squares which each have a different pattern. Similarly, we do not hesitate to mix the different colors to create a cocktail of cheerfulness. You will understand, the patchwork motif is free from all conventions, in particular that which recommends that no more than three motifs be married.

Colors and cheerfulness for spring

The patchwork pattern is a real ally to bring color and good humor into your interior. Indeed, a single patchwork piece is enough to wake up your interior. You can play the discreet patchwork card with a carpet in a shades of color or on the contrary dare the multicolored carpet. We can also count on a cushion that discreetly mixes the patterns or, on the contrary, play the card of originality with a floor with small patchwork cement tiles. Everything is possible because the only limit is your originality and your ability to assume originality in your interior.