All you need to know to choose your front door

All you need to know to choose your front door

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The front door is an important investment in both construction and renovation because it must bring comfort and security to your home. To help you choose it, Qualibat, the certification body for construction companies, informed us about the criteria to take into account before your purchase.

What do you ask at a front door?

The front door is the first element that one encounters before entering your interior. It is therefore the first image that your visitors will have of your decoration, this is why it is advisable to choose it in adequacy with your style of facade but also of decoration in order to make a real link between the interior and the 'outside. The aesthetic criterion is not the only element to take into account. The door greatly contributes to the comfort of the house because its mission is to insulate both thermally and acoustically. Like the windows, the door can be a source of energy loss. Care must therefore be taken to choose a model with good thermal performance, but also to ensure tight joints with the wall in order to benefit from the qualities of the door. And if it is a door with glazing, you must take care that it is of a quality at least equivalent to the windows of the house. Then, don't forget to take sound insulation into account if your entrance is located on a busy street or near a noisy place. You can choose an isophonic door which will be a real bulwark against noise pollution. Finally, the last mission of the front door is to ensure your security by protecting you from intruders. You must therefore choose a solid door with three closing points (insurance recommendation) and you can also add devices such as anti-bolting reinforcements or high security hinges.

What are the different materials for the front door?

Regarding the material of your front door, in addition to questions of taste, you will have to take into account the qualities intrinsic to each proposal. You should know that the wood must be chosen in a rustic, solid and resistant species that will allow you good thermal and acoustic insulation. This material will require some maintenance to protect the wood from the weather. In terms of security, it must be associated with a quality closure. If you choose PVC, note that this material is economical and easy to live with but that it is less resistant to break-ins. And to ensure good insulation, you must choose a quality material. Very aesthetic, aluminum is as resistant to wear as to infringements but it must be coupled with a very efficient insulator since it is a conductor of both cold and heat. Steel is probably the most resistant to break-ins, but it must also be combined with a good insulator. Finally, note that many doors combine several materials to offer high performance thanks to the complementary qualities of each material.