How to enlarge a girl's bedroom in length?

How to enlarge a girl's bedroom in length?

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Question from Marjorie:


Answer: choose a light pink for the walls and opt for a darker color for the curtains

Hello Marjorie, the purple and pink combination is ideal for a little girl's bedroom. Instead, choose a powdery pink like "rose ash" which will be far from the traditional pastel pink, and a soft purple close to a gray plum! I advise you to paint all the walls of the room in the soft color "rose ash". Keep the color darker for the curtains. Prefer a light and airy fabric like a linen veil so that they do not weigh down or obscure the room. The natural linen color will also go very well with the colors chosen. You can consider it for cushions, lampshades or a carpet or a carpet… Find out all the questions at the editorial office