How to lay resin pavers?

How to lay resin pavers?

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Answer: a delicate pose with a two-component adhesive.

They are not afraid of frost, they are non-slip. But the resin pavers are also delicate to lay. Indeed, their installation is done with two-component resin-based glue which dries after only thirty minutes, which leaves little room for maneuver. Before any installation of resin pavers, it is absolutely necessary to have a support - in asphalt or concrete - stable, clean and in good condition. If necessary it will be necessary to pass a primer of fixing to allow then the glue to adhere. Precisely, the two-component glue for resin pavers is prepared in small quantities. It is deposited with a spatula on the paver which must be immediately put in place. The joints of a centimeter are also made progressively, with sand. The installation of resin pavers is undoubtedly the most complicated, it does not give the right to make mistakes. If you are unsure of yourself, it is best to use a paver. You too, send us your brico question


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