Cheap decorative objects to celebrate love to different degrees!

Cheap decorative objects to celebrate love to different degrees!

Long-time couple, recent meeting, assumed celibacy, argument or depressing breakup: the verb to love is indeed conjugated on different scales. It therefore seems natural to adapt the special Valentine's Day gift ideas for all possible romantic situations, even the least idyllic!

To maintain the flame

If your meeting was not yesterday, a gesture alluding to your memories (like the photo frame "you & me", € 39.90, signed Bathroom Graffiti) should charm your partner! You can also opt for a gift intended to last over time, just like your couple. The Inès de la Fressange candle "Weekend for lovers" (45 €) or the ceramic pot in the shape of a heart and its green plant at Nature & Découverte (4.95 €): it's up to you…

To declare yourself

Without spending a fortune, a nice attention is sometimes enough to speak for us. At Fleux, we vote for the "prince charming" or "princess" mugs (€ 14.90); At The Collection, we love the set of two cups displaying the word "love" as a small thing. Perfection for getting the message across to your Valentine!

To reconcile

A timely argument for February 14? We fix all that by betting on a playful object like love dice (6 €, Delfonics) displaying the words "kiss", "don't kiss", "love", "don't love". Hopefully, once thrown away, the indication is in your favor or that it at least provokes laughter! To duplicate the effect, wrap everything in a special Valentine's Day word-mix gift wrap (€ 22 at!

To comfort

No lovers with whom to celebrate Valentine's Day? No big deal. To warm the hearts, we offer ourselves a fleece heart version hot water bottle (24.90 €, Pa Design) to heat in the microwave or in the oven to keep us warm for 45 minutes!

To take revenge…

In addition to being a dish that can be eaten cold, romantic revenge can also take the form of… an A4 handkerchief printed with a letter of rupture (15 €, Atypyk)! Or how to take the day of February 14 with humor!