Esteban perpetuates the art of perfume

Esteban perpetuates the art of perfume

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In the south of France, the cradle of French perfumery, Estéban has been creating a rare olfactory universe for almost 30 years, between Mediterranean civilization and Japanese refinement. The brand has a boundless love of perfumes and travel, which has never crumbled over time. Collections imbued with poetry are born from this passion and never cease to shake our senses! Reflections of ancestral know-how, Estéban products are developed with respect for nature and quality standards: the containers are as neat as the scents, thus transforming candles, capillinas and diffusers into multiple decorative objects providing the final touch to our interior.

Worked scents

At the origin of the creation of the brand is a couple, Catherine and Jean-Max Estéban. Catherine was trained as a potter, and the company was born from the earth! In 1980, they developed a porous ceramic which allows the fragrances to be diffused without altering them. In one year, the product will experience a dazzling success, allowing the couple - who started from scratch - to assemble the structure of Estéban. This ceramic, which is still one of the brand's bestsellers today, is an exclusive know-how mastered by Estéban for almost 30 years. Cut, pressed or chiseled, it changes shape or color to immerse the audience in the heart of a story and an olfactory universe. Because the inimitable character of each product is what defines the brand. Jean-Max has always been a co-creator and accompanied the composer to whom he called so that his creation was adapted to the personality of Estéban.

The constitution of a perfume

Each perfume tells a story in three stages. When you breathe in a scent, the first olfactory impression that emerges is the top note. Then, the perfume is organized around a lasting accord which constitutes the heart. Finally, the most persistent notes form the background of the fragrance. Each smell belongs to an olfactory family, the main ones being citrus (lemon, bergamot, grapefruit, light and sparkling), floral (rather feminine), chypres (mixture of woody heat and floral or fruity notes), oriental ( white flowers that blend into the balms), the woods (deep and warm scents) and the aromatics (lavender, energy and freshness for these typically masculine scents). At Estéban, it is the "souvenir" perfumes that are on the rise: wood fire, cut hay, fresh grass ... are all smells that recall a fleeting moment or simply the good old days!

A rich olfactory palette and choice diffusers

Estéban has always innovated in terms of perfume carriers. After introducing Japanese incense in France and developing microporous ceramic diffusers, the brand is launching this winter a vase with clean lines spreading a light, fragrant vaporous brown. Refined decorative objects, candles, sprays, scented bouquets or even perfume spheres created by Estéban all have a worked design. Find the whole collection on