Dunlopillo launches an eco-designed mattress!

Dunlopillo launches an eco-designed mattress!

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Already heavily invested in sustainable development, Dunlopillo now offers the first line of eco-designed bedding. From now on, the impact of the manufacturing of a product on the environment is taken into account from its conception and gives birth to the Cerise mattress as a preview at But.

New materials

To design its line of eco-designed mattresses, Dunlopillo created the first manufacturing unit in the world of eco-designed materials from Sustainable Development which allows the production of foam for the mattress. 100% renewable, these composite foams have their own advantages linked to very high-quality manufacturing. Bacteria are eliminated, as are VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and substances that cause health problems.

The Cherry mattress

The first mattress in Dunlopillo's eco-designed line, Cerise is therefore made from composite foam and molded Dunlopillo foam offering a soft welcome and firm support. The mattress ticking is made of recyclable polyester composed of hypoallergenic and recyclable textile fibers intended to reduce the risk of allergies. In addition, it also incorporates Dunlopillo know-how such as the overmolding technique which allows the two foams to be bonded without glue or the No Flip® system which offers a coating surface suitable for all seasons. All at the affordable price of 349 euros! You want to change the mattress for Cerise, But takes back your old bedding in order to recycle it entirely! > More info on //