The cocoon bathroom

The cocoon bathroom

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. Decorative wall coverings EXAPAN ELEMENT A special bathroom renovation collection The Exapan Element collection is available in PVC strips of 2m60 in length and 0m375 of useful width. The boards are assembled by interlocking to form a smooth and flat surface without visible joints. A rot-proof material, PVC is particularly well suited to water areas. The interlocking of the blades is completely waterproof even in the case of direct water projection in a shower cabin for example. The very low grip of limescale on the blades makes them very easy to clean. The Exapan Element collection presents refined contemporary decors real trompe-l'oeil tiles. On a unique width of 37.5 cm, it offers 6 colors to coordinate and 3 visuals of tiles perfectly coordinated with each other. The association of the various colors and the different geometries of tiles offers many graphic alternatives… The implementation is within everyone's reach. Light and easy to handle, the blades overlap without special tools: all you need is a saw with fine teeth. It is also not necessary to remove old tiles to renovate a bathroom. Exapan paneling can be easily attached to any existing covering. Grosfillex offers today a new tool-free implementation system, clean, silent and accessible to all: The blades can be fixed on all supports using double-sided Exapan adhesives specially developed to resist humidity and heat . For very humid or very deformed substrates, to carry out insulation work, it is however advisable to favor the techniques of installation on wooden or metal frame. Finally, to ensure impeccable finishes, a series of profiles suitable in size and color make it possible to create the angles and the edges. GROSFILLEX NATURAL SHOWCASE BROWN 90X90 cm Nature brown display case 90x90 cm. thickness 5 cm. Nature theme CM CREATION distributed by


. Homogeneous floor covering iQ Natural Pierre, Slate color by Tarkett. iQ Natural is the first homogeneous floor covering, made of 75% natural raw materials. Its range of 24 colors inspired by nature (water, sand and stone) can create serene atmospheres. It is fully recyclable and made of 75% natural materials . Major innovation d 'iQ Natural is based on the use of a new revolutionary plasticizer by its natural composition based on castor oil. First phthalate-free PVC flooring , their VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions are almost undetectable and help improve indoor air quality . TARKETT Information on //


. Pivot door without threshold Bora silicone-free assembly wall (Kinedo patent exclusive). Safety glass 6 mm anti-limestone treated, transparent or screen-printed. White or chrome aluminum profiles. Dimensions ranging from 67.5 to 101 cm (wall made to measure). KINEDO, French manufacturer of walls, cabins, shower trays, whirlpool tubs and spas . Located in Chéméré (44) and La Ciotat (13). KINEDO 9 route de Rouans 44680 CHEMERE T. 02 40 21 31 30 Résinence Color and Deco range: no more dust and rubble Decorative resin "without underlay", suitable for all supports. : tiles, parquet floors, marbles, earthenware, ... and all surfaces to revamp your walls, floors, sanitary furniture, credenzas and work plan. Economical solution SHOWER: Colored resin, LIN color in 2 layers, then application of 2 layers of satin epoxy resin Resinence


. Bathroom furniture and mirror set: COMPLETINO sets Furniture with white sides and white, gray, red fronts or Scottish black oak wood decor. Openings with doors. Bright white ceramic tables. Mirrors on aluminum structures. NF products, made in France. SANIJURA All information and list of resellers on


. The mixing valves are suitable: thermostatic blocking at 38 degrees, and anti-scalding safety valve in case there is a cold water cut. Bozz basin mixers are adjustable in stop in hot water, that is to say that one can adjust on the cartridge a point where the child can not go further (for children who are no longer sensitive to temperatures), this prevents burns. Shower bars in 900 mm which gives more amplitude for custom use; the showers are anti limescale two jets and the sheathed hoses anti desaglage. Kludi is a German tap manufacturer with more than 100 years of existence. KLUDI Armaturen Sarl 7, place de la gare 57200 SARREGUEMINES Tel: 03 87 95 99 96 Fax: 03 87 95 99 76 email [email protected]


. Bath mat "BATH" ecru color : soft bath mat in 100% cotton. Very soft to the touch and good absorption of water. Dimensions 50 cm X 90 cm Products sold in large DIY stores GALEDO Rue des Bois Rochefort 78 500 SARTROUVILLE Tel: 01 61 04 44 44 Bath mat 60x90cm: exceptional softness, thickness and absorption and ultra-fast drying LEXINGTON


. - "Colibri" white ceramic accessories: 1 soap holder, 1 cup, 1 liquid soap dispenser - "Nice" bamboo towel holder. 4 fixed bars. Dimensions: 97 X 54 X 35 cm - Bathroom bins “Lima" in oval metal with pedal, with removable inner bucket. Black, gray and taupe colors. Dimensions 22 X 19 X 29 cm. Volume of 5 liters. Products sold in large DIY stores GALEDO Rue des Bois Rochefort 78 500 SARTROUVILLE Tel: 01 61 04 44 44 LUSH HANDMADE FRESH COSMETICS 100% vegetarian; 80% vegan; 67% without preservatives; 46% without packaging