Party table, make with what you have

Party table, make with what you have

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If you are reading this editorial, the end of the world has not yet arrived ... And to celebrate the good news, it's time to think about your Christmas and New Year's table! You have no ideas? Here are some tips to end the year on a high note. This year, I suggest a simple, elegant and friendly festive table. For this, no need to buy new dishes and a lot of decorative items because I'm sure you already have everything you need in your cupboards. Before you start, I suggest you take out all your dishes to find the treasure of the festive table. You can bet on simple but chic plates or more festive models with golden borders if you have ! For the glasses, you can mismatch the different models but choose tall and elegant glasses. Finally, if you have a beautiful cutlery service, it's time to take it out! My tip to create a presentation dish: turn over a stemmed glass and place a plate on it so that the structure is stable and drop your sweets! For the tablecloth, know that even a beautiful plaid can do the trick to give texture to your table without buying new linen. Then, it's on the decor side that everything will play out and we will have to get our hands dirty. We then opt for little tricks that will make an impact without breaking the bank. Visit your florist to offer you some sprigs of holly which will look great in the center of the table. You can also hang a few leaves with rafia around the glasses to customize them. Still at the florist's, you can opt for small slates which are usually used to write the names of the plants in the pots except that you will use them as place card for your guests. To sprinkle the decor table, use a few Christmas balls that you have left of the tree and run an electric garland on the table runner.Finally, to impress your guests, we suggest you get started folding towels to stage your festive table. To do this, simply follow the steps in the videos and you can then make a folding in the form of a bunch of leprechauns, pine cones, fir trees, snowflakes or candles. The hardest thing will be to choose ! All Cendrine Dominguez's items Photo credit: Pierre Olivier / TEVA


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