How to choose a shower hose?

How to choose a shower hose?

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Answer: favor a brass shower hose, compatible with your shower and of a length in accordance with your size.

To choose the right shower hose, you must first pay attention to the length of the hose. 1.50 meter is a standard length, and is suitable most of the time, even if it depends on your size. If one of the users of the shower measures more than 1.85 meters, it is better that you choose a slightly longer shower hose (between 1.75 meters and 2 meters). Be aware in any case that it should not be too tight during use. If yours is, we advise you to change it because you risk being embarrassed very quickly. In terms of material, prefer brass hoses to plastic ones, the former being of much better quality. Finally, check that the model you have chosen is compatible with your shower. The majority of hoses have a single diameter, compatible with all showers, but there are exceptions. You too, send us your brico question