Baroque motifs revisited

Baroque motifs revisited

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To give a festive air in the house, the baroque style will help you to dramatize the house using arabesque patterns and beautiful materials. Wallpaper, rugs and other decorative accessories will make your home a real party!

Focus on baroque patterns

An artistic movement from the 17th century, the Baroque gave birth to furniture and objects characterized by curved and complex lines that do not fail to dramatize the decor. During this period, the patterns that settle on the wallpapers and on the linens are marked by the fear of emptiness and offer arabesques and scrolls that load the decor. Today, Baroque patterns are much wiser to integrate into our contemporary interiors. Thus, the arabesques remain but the colors are more current with natural tones and we even use tone on tone to offer the decor bold patterns discreetly.

Festive atmosphere with baroque patterns

Even in their contemporary version, the Baroque motifs have something festive thanks to their evocation of the splendor of their time. Also, they dramatize the decor with luxury and voluptuousness. For the end of year celebrations, the baroque motif will particularly find its place in the house on curtains, wallpaper and especially table linen. We will bet on contemporary color codes but we can also allow ourselves touches of gold or red to create a festive effect increased tenfold. However, use these strong patterns sparingly to not suffocate the decor and keep their chic appearance.