5 ideas for a cocooning salon!

5 ideas for a cocooning salon!

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Temperatures drop and the house becomes a real refuge to get warm. It is the ideal season to cocoon, that is to say to enjoy a warm and comforting interior like a cocoon. We offer 5 ideas to transform your interior and face the approaching winter.

Idea # 1: Thick curtains

To start putting your interior into cocooning time, it must be warm. For this, we put on thick curtains which will dress your windows in style but which will also protect you from the cold outside. We then choose fairly heavy double curtains in warm colors like chocolate or taupe. Nothing prevents you from leaving curtains below to bring in the sun during the day. Then simply pull the thicker curtains to seal off after dark.

Idea n ° 2: Soft carpets

To keep your feet warm, nothing like a carpet! But beware, we do not choose any model because for a cocooning interior, you need a particularly thick and soft carpet for an instant feeling of warmth in your interior. We then think of shaggy carpets and their long wicks, wool carpets or even sheepskins which provide soft comfort to your bare feet.

Idea n ° 3: Warm plaids

To accessorize the sofa and cover yourself when watching a good movie, a warm plaid is a must in cocooning decor. As soon as temperatures drop, it is the most useful accessory. We put on very thick materials with large woolen knits, winter patterns like tartan or the very trendy faux fur that will not fail to have a little effect in your interior. Do not hesitate to multiply the throws by accessorizing each armchair and sofa, you will give a very warm style to your room.

Idea n ° 4: Cocooning wallpaper

To create a cocoon effect in your interior, bet on wallpaper that creates a warmer effect than traditional painting. You will be able to choose warm tones which will bring conviviality to your interior but you will also be able to offer you original patterns which warm the house. Special mention to the wallpaper that imitates wool and gives a very soft appearance to your walls. The quilt is also a good option for a soft, warm wall, as is the wood, which will create a very appreciable chalet style.

Idea n ° 5: A warm floor

Finally, if you have the possibility of changing floors, opt for a beautiful parquet because wood instantly brings warmth to the room it dresses. Note that to change the floor inexpensively and without carrying out heavy work, you can also choose vinyl which imitates wood and will have its effect in your interior while sparing your wallet. And parquet like vinyl will also have the advantage of not being cold to the touch. Something to cheer up your feet!