, to rent or sublet your accommodation, to rent or sublet your accommodation

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French start-up, Sejourning offers all individuals the possibility of renting or subletting their main residence for one night, one weekend or several weeks during their holidays or their trips. A way to earn a little money while being helpful.

Why rent your main residence?

Thousands of homes are unoccupied when individuals go on weekends or vacations. At the same time, more and more French and foreign tourists and travelers want to travel smart by playing an authentic homestay apartment rather than taking an anonymous and often expensive hotel room.

What does Sejourning offer?

Sejourning replaces existing intermediation models, which are often restrictive, with a flexible and efficient platform system. This allows exchanges between individuals, with a secure transaction and multi-risk insurance taken out automatically to protect both parties. Sejourning aims to be a trusted third party in the rental of short-term main accommodation between individuals.

On the side of the lessor and the traveler Sejourning

Registration on the site is free for users. With a few clicks, individuals can publish their advertisement free of charge, fix the rental amount and indicate the dates of availability to future travelers. In a concern for quality, Sejourning offers to send a photographer for free (service available in Paris, which will be extended by the end of the year to Lyon, Cannes, Nice, Marseille and Bordeaux) in order to promote the property on the Internet with quality photos. Secondly, the lessor receives rental requests. He can also chat with travelers who wish to stay with him. In order to make the right decision, he can check the comments and ratings assigned to travelers during their previous rentals. Based on discussions, comments and ratings, the renter chooses his future tenant who then pays the entire rent in Sejourning. The amount of the rent is transferred to the renter 24 hours after the arrival of the tenant at his home.

Sejourning, a 100% secure service

Sejourning offers multi-risk insurance included in the rental amount and suitable for the rental of short-term main accommodation between individuals, in partnership with Europ Assistance. Renters and travelers are therefore fully covered in the event of breakage or damage. Sejourning also secures all financial transactions. To validate a reservation, the tenant pays the rent directly to Sejourning. The lessor is therefore guaranteed to be paid and receives the money directly into his bank account 24 hours after the start of the rental. For a reservation request to be validated, Sejourning automatically issues a rental contract between the rental company and the traveler, which must be accepted by both parties. This contract includes all the rental information: date, price, number of guests, house rules to follow, etc. A rating system developed by Sejourning with visibility on the comments of users of the service allows the rental company and the traveler to knowingly choose a tenant or accommodation.

Sejourning, the principle of positive consumption

Sejourning is based on the principle of the sharing economy and positive consumption. This new trend is in keeping with the times and is attracting more and more consumers in France today. This philosophy, along with the new consumer trends that have emerged in reaction to the financial crisis, is based on sharing more to earn more and spend less, reducing intermediaries and favoring sharing. To travel or offer rental accommodation: