Video: "Hygge" style table decor

Video: "Hygge" style table decor

Spotted during the last edition of the Maison & Objet show, the "hygge" decor is an emerging trend of Scandinavian origin and more precisely, of Danish origin, evoking a very singular charm filled with sweetness. It can be summed up in three words: Nordic, simple and delicate ... We did not hesitate to associate it with the table decoration here. Demonstration in pictures!

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Steps :

Who says "Hygge" says softness, who says softness says pastel shades! The tablecloth will therefore be rain gray in color, the mist blue and frost blue plates. The very Scandinavian "light wood" essences are then invited in the form of a generous and refined tray for a natural and design look. We then opt for a touch of immaculate "white" with a pretty carafe of water and medium plates, to underline the tenderness of the decor. These plates also create a subtle game of overlays, thanks to their square, oval or round shapes, while an equally white candlestick stands on the table, creating a very graphic effect. We then install large glasses, a small point of transparency, before intensifying the refined style with other snow white accessories. Finally, we give life to the decor by placing the bread and lighting the candles… The decor idea: dare a few touches of color to awaken the traditional Nordic mixture "wood / white", as here thanks to the blue of the plates. Only rule to respect: choose a soft and clear shade! Shopping: Flat plates Lisa, ALINEA Pitcher 2 liters Lisa, ALINEA Plate light turquoise, IKEA 365+ Blue plates Forsla, IKEA White candle holder, IKEA PS 2012 Frasera glasses, IKEA Styling and staging: Véronique Antelme-Rambaldi