Cocooning trend: the bed becomes multifunctional

Cocooning trend: the bed becomes multifunctional

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The season which follows the summer marks the great comeback of the bed. Reduced to a night use only between sleep and intimacy, here that the low temperatures push us to occupy it at any time of the day and in all circumstances. Versatility that is timely to meet our desires for cocooning in the fall ... Little summary of the activities to be accomplished without even leaving the duvet!

A bed for breakfast

More commonly called "Sunday breakfast", breakfast in bed is back in force this season. Because long mornings and constantly falling degrees Celsius go hand in hand! This is one of the favorite advantages of autumn / winter: savor croissants and chocolate rolls while remaining snuggled in the hollow of the blankets. No question then of escaping this "made in bed" tasting, provided you surround yourself with the right accessories: a mini vacuum cleaner hidden under the box spring to make disappear the crumbs unfortunately scattered here and there and a tablet to slide or slide lay on the bed to eat against the pillow as if you were at the table. A clever duo to make awakening greedy, impeccable and comfortable! And if the rest (tray, dishes and teapot) remains in the kitchen, it is not excluded that this Sunday habit becomes daily. Thanks to a little organization and a little time, giving yourself a lazy breakfast before going to work will become the rule and not the exception…

A bed for working

Artists, students, independent or overworked workers, there are many who recognize that they prefer the bed at the office corner as a space for reflection at home. After the fashion of cafes as a workplace, peace of mind when lying down is therefore the latest generation method to perform in terms of concentration. The cool attitude to work? Yes! But for our best academic, artistic or professional ideas to be born against the pillow, it is better to have the necessary equipment at hand. The headboards with built-in shelves become excellent allies. You can put books, files, notebooks, laptops and pens there, easy to grab by reaching out. You can also count on the Ikéa pockets fitted with a notepad and a scratch pencil on one side of the bed. Practices for sudden inspirations that must be noted quickly or risk forgetting them. It only remains to surrender to a restorative but studious relaxation ...

A bed to receive

As if he was not satisfied with having stolen the show from the kitchen and the office, the bed extends its multitasking side by becoming an extra sofa. A trend driven by the proliferation of small spaces, in which it is common that bedroom and living room become one, or that the sleeping area is planted in plain sight in the main room. It is then covered with a large plaid, or even several, and it is covered with cushions, a real magic formula allowing to dissociate "place of intimate refuge" and "platform dedicated to conviviality". In short, here we are in fine sheets, until the end of winter, at least!