How do I get solid paver joints?

How do I get solid paver joints?

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Answer: by placing joints at least 3 mm thick between the pavers and respecting the drying time required.

To begin, know that the standard in force in the professional environment is to install joints at least 3 mm thick between the pavers. Nothing requires you to follow it in the personal context of your home, but as much take it back to your account, it will not hurt. Otherwise, the installation of conventional paver joints, in sand or mortar, is not very difficult, just follow the instructions on the product, and allow the necessary time to dry depending on each type of paver joint. before driving on it. But in the end, the solidity of the joints will depend mainly on the quality of the support on which the pavers rest, and on the laying of the pavers themselves, and therefore on the solidity of the entire structure. For example, don't forget to lay an underlayment before laying the pavers on soft ground. You too, send us your brico question