Can I paint the tile joints?

Can I paint the tile joints?

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Answer: yes, but for aesthetic reasons and not to hide damage or cracks.

Of course, you can paint the joints of a tile. But only if it is to give them a touch of freshness (white paint) or to match them with the tiles (color paint), not to hide cracks or other degradations. If the joints are damaged, they must be redone, otherwise your tiles may come off or crack in turn over time. Before painting the tile joints, clean them thoroughly (with bleach if necessary) to leave no dirt or mold. Then protect your tiles from the paint with protective tape, then paint your joints with a suitable paint, which is water resistant in a humid room for example. If there are traces of paint on the tiles despite the protection, quickly wipe them off with a damp sponge before they dry. You too, send us your brico question