I customize the baby room

I customize the baby room

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As parents, we all want, as much as possible, to decorate our children's room in their image, customizing it as much as possible. If you are waiting for a happy event, you are probably in the preparations for the room, and you wonder how you are going to go about making the room of your baby completely unique. Here are some shopping ideas that will help you create your own decor.

Treasures of stickers

Of course, the idea is not to have the same pattern to dress the wall, so instead of opting for a sticker with a single character or a single scene, rather play with series of mini stickers, to position as you want everywhere on the walls of the nursery. Have fun for example with a set of several butterfly, dragonfly or star stickers. Then it's up to you to appropriate them!

Personalize your room with your little name

There are many possibilities for this. The fabric letters that you hang on the wall are perfect for a nursery because the patterns are tender, soft and fresh. You will also have the possibility of personalizing with his name, paintings with endearing characters as well as door plaques.

Play with photos and little words!

You will find, for example, original photo holders that you will hang from the ceiling like mobiles and where you can place photos of your baby and his family. The coat hooks also catch on and allow you to slip small photos inside. You can also personalize your room with slate stickers, very cute shapes and where you will write your own tender little words for baby!