An office that doesn't look like it!

An office that doesn't look like it!

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What if the office furniture we all know is disappearing? More and more decorative brand magazines and catalogs present tables as desks. Zoom on this new trend.

Why is the office disappearing?

Like all furniture, the office not only follows decor trends but also our lifestyles. Also, as the space of our houses and apartments is no longer as large, the room dedicated to the office often no longer exists in our interiors. The office as a piece of furniture was then installed in the living room or the bedroom. In town, the reduced space does not always allow this subterfuge, the office evolves further and becomes a simple multifunction table! It allows a space of good size and even to settle in several for an office in constant evolution in the same day.

How to choose your new office?

The new desk therefore presents a simple practical tray mounted on four legs. The choices in terms of shape are therefore limited, but prefer a fairly narrow and long rectangular model if you are the only one to use it or a fairly large square model if you are several (think of openspace). Have fun choosing the color of the top and the base. If the table also serves as a dining table have it in the center of the room but if it is only an office space in a modern look, prefer to install it against the wall to cut yourself from the rest of the room . Finally, be aware that teens will particularly appreciate this type of office, they will then have less of the impression of working.