What reasons to choose for the room?

What reasons to choose for the room?

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To add patterns in your room, you have two options: either you choose to decorate your walls with wallpaper and in this case you will have to choose bed linen and fairly sober furniture, or you opt for plain walls and then you can play with patterns on your bed linen, pictures and stickers. It only remains to choose from the popular patterns to have a room up to date.

The comeback of romantic decor

In 2012, we dare to display our feelings and our blue flower spirit. Directly inspired by English decoration, romantic flower patterns are brought up to date, whether on wallpaper, curtains or bed linen. For the more adventurous, you can even mix several prints for a real English cottage room. In the same spirit but more in nuances, the polka dot print also came back in force. It will brighten up your room with a few cushions or on the curtains.

Urban decor still in the spotlight

Because it lends itself to a masculine as well as a feminine universe, urban decor is always in demand in the bedroom. It can refer to a city as with the New York headboard from La Redoute or to urban furniture as with the floor lamp stickers (at Decoretto).

Ethnic decor in the bedroom

Barely emerging, ethnic patterns are still difficult to find but have a bright future. Zigzag, chevrons and triangles are the ethnic patterns that will most easily find their place in your room as evidenced by the zigzag duvet cover at Urban Outfitters or the Aztec inspired curtain at La Redoute.