Ideas and tips for storing under the stairs

Ideas and tips for storing under the stairs

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The staircase offers significant storage space, which is not always easy to use. Tight and sometimes difficult to reach, the space available under the stairs holds many surprises, however, if you plan it in a clever and practical way. Explanations.

Arrange a closet

Today there are custom-made boxes and cupboards adapted to the format of the stairs. Some major brands (Lapeyre, Leroy Merlin, etc.) have specialized in this niche and offer solutions corresponding to your interior. In the key, a dressing room, sliding boxes or a cupboard, very practical to hide and store a maximum of objects and clothes. If you cannot afford to have custom made, make your own closet using a clothes rail and different storage modules, and hide it all with a pretty curtain!

Create a library or office

If you decide to install a bookcase under your staircase, consider aligning the shelves with the steps to create continuity in the lines. You can also have fun by stacking several boxes on top of each other to create an original graphic composition for your library, which will ensure a "tetris" effect in your reading space under the stairs! For all those who lack space to work, having an office under the stairs may be a solution to consider. Choose a space-saving model overhung by shelves, which will dress the space while offering a choice of storage solution.