A retro office at the Don Draper in Mad Men

A retro office at the Don Draper in Mad Men

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He is Donald Draper, artistic director in one of the biggest New York advertising agencies of the 60s. We, we are the faithful audience of the series which has been a hit for 4 years and of which he is the main character: Mad Men. So that a few steps from the start of the school year, we elected him decorator of our office area, because we want the same as his! Retro decor when you hold us…

A fifties desk lamp

Back to the past. We swap our high-tech desk lamp for a fifties style model, articulated or curved to find at La Chaise Longue. Our favorite ? The legendary banker's lamp, because it looks like a businessman in the office. Yes, the lighting sets the scene!

A retro seat

The following ? Our seat! In the spotlight, period styles: dark wood or leather chairs with a semi-circular curved backrest, or even more comfortable, soft armchairs with an equally enveloping design. Spotted in the Ikéa PS 2012 collection, the retro version revisited armchair, and at La redoute, the vintage red armchair, streamlined like an airplane.

A decorative object of the time

And to top it all, it's impossible to do without the little retro details that will reveal all the charm of a Donald Draper workspace. On the program: a vintage telephone with an authentic dial, an old-style radio (to be found at Lexon), a purely decorative typewriter to hunt around in a flea market and why not, a terrestrial globe.


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