Green, the star of the garden!

Green, the star of the garden!

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In the garden, it's not just the green lawn! This year, garden furniture and accessories are all the rage in a tangy green that awakens our exterior in style. Zoom on the "green" trend in the garden.

Choosing green in the garden

What if we changed garden furniture in wood or black or white metal to give it a real breath of fresh air? We start from the color of nature and its vegetation and we decline it in a bold tone like apple green or flashy green for a shades of colorful greens. This variation does not fail to highlight the plants but also to give a very summery and festive touch to your garden. Ideal for all styles, you can choose green in the garden for a natural, pop or design atmosphere thanks to the garden furniture and its accessories.

How to use green in the garden?

Very easy to use, green will find its place in the garden by choosing furniture that sports this color. You will find garden furniture in painted wrought iron or very pop models in plastic or even others in wood whose cushions bring color. In terms of decoration, play with accessories throughout the garden. You can for example choose flower pots in acid green, a parasol which will recall this color or candle jars which will diffuse a pretty green light. Be aware that green can also be combined with other colors. For a design atmosphere, add touches of black or gray to mix elegance and dynamism. But if you prefer a pop atmosphere, don't hesitate to add touches of fuchsia pink for a very colorful style ideal for summer.


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