Video: planting strawberries in your garden

Video: planting strawberries in your garden

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Do you like strawberries and would like to grow them in your own garden? If tasting them is a pleasure, planting and maintaining them is another matter entirely. Nothing better than some expert advice to learn and understand the procedure. Guy Tournellec, gardening trainer, will shed some light on the different varieties of strawberries and how to plant them. Follow his advice, on video!

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Strawberry varieties

There are two main varieties of strawberry plants. On the one hand, the rising strawberries which give fruit twice during the year: in June and August. They nevertheless produce average quantities at each harvest. On the other hand, non-rising strawberries which only give fruit once in the year, but in large quantities. The two varieties therefore give similar productions, but which are not spread out in the same way.

Site preparation

When preparing your land, it is essential to provide a good substrate for your plants. To do this, it is advisable to put a kilo of compost per square meter. Note also that strawberries do not like to be planted too deep. This is why it is customary to raise the earth slightly.

The planting period

The ideal planting period is between the end of August and the beginning of September. Thus, the plants can properly root in the soil and are ready to produce the following spring. If you wait until March, your strawberries will not only have to produce fruit but also bury their roots. It is the guaranteed exhaustion for the plant. Thanks to Guy's advice, you can now plant your own strawberries in your garden and taste them your way during the summer period! Find Planting strawberries in a garden on Produced by Minute Facile.