Selection of curtains for the canopy bed ... in the garden

Selection of curtains for the canopy bed ... in the garden

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In the "outdoor beds" category, the canopy bed was voted the most beautiful, the most majestic. Result? On the terrace or in the garden, it calls for relaxation, a romantic and elegant version. A very chic must-have that cannot do without beautiful curtains. Identification of fresh and light copies such as summer.

Colorful curtains

Outside, the four-poster bed is just waiting to be highlighted. A requirement that is met by an absolutely summer dress code: light and colorful curtains that dress it with pep and freshness. The right idea? Multiply the models by alternating shades, because it is only in summer that we allow ourselves a great mix of colors. The palette is preferably oriented towards warm shades such as orange, yellow or pink, in order to follow the seasonal trend.

Veils styles to favor

In order to hang the net curtains with ease and to change them as you wish, it is better to favor the models with knots than the models with eyelets or "legs", more complicated to install on a four-poster bed. We tie them, we untie them, and voila!

Staging possibilities

Missing the final touch: the staging. Some will prefer a wise and tidy look by tying the net curtains on the side using curtain tiebacks. Others will be more in favor of a "freedom" style, leaving the curtains devoid of ties so that they can fly away with the rhythm of the wind ... It's up to you!