Video: customize Japanese balls

Video: customize Japanese balls

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You do not know what to do with your Japanese ball which seems bland and sad? Anna Pagès offers to customize it to make it more aesthetic and more original.

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Customization of Japanese balls: preparing the material

To customize your Japanese ball, Anna offers you to flower it with two sheets of flower paper of 60 x 80 cm. First, cut each flower from your leaves following the shape of the petals. To help you, turn the paper as you cut it with your hand opposite the scissors. This work is a bit laborious, but you will not regret after seeing the result.

Customization of Japanese balls: bonding and drying

Once your flowers are cut, you will have to stick them. To do this, put white vinyl glue in a bowl and, using a small brush, put a dot of glue in the center of one of your flowers to fix it. Start at the top of your Japanese ball, then repeat the gesture while descending in a snail. For the first row, do not hesitate to make exceed the top: this will give a bushy effect to your creation. To make the final result more attractive, superimpose the flowers, and alternate the sizes when you paste. The customization of Japanese balls taking about 8 hours, Anna advises you to spread the work over two or three days so as not to get bored. Once gluing and drying are finished, all you have to do is pass a ribbon through the metal circle to hang your ball. Thanks to Anna Pagès, a piece of Japanese garden enters your interior! Watch the video Customizing Japanese balls on Produced by Minute Facile.