Tutorial: cardboard stars to decorate a wall

Tutorial: cardboard stars to decorate a wall

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Couture, jewelry, decoration, nothing can resist Anne-Sophie, creator of the Jolis Biais blog! For two years, she has offered original ideas for young and old, and sells her creations on her online store. Today, she presents us with a very simple tutorial to make 3D stars out of paper: a model to download, a ruler and a little folding, and here is your transformed wall!


To make this tutorial, you need: - paper (the best is to have a slightly rigid paper) colored or not - a printer - a ruler - a rigid object to fold (a loyalty card by example) - double-sided tape


1. To start, download and print the star template. 2. Second step, draw a line between each opposite point of the star.
3. The operation is repeated for all the points of the star.
Which gives us this:
4. Last step, we fold each line.


And a little double-sided tape later… Tadam! The decoration of my staircase is finished!

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