3 additional pieces of furniture to move around the house

3 additional pieces of furniture to move around the house

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In the house, if some furniture is frozen, others are intended to move in all rooms. And the mobility of furniture and a real asset to meet all everyday situations. Here are three practical pieces of furniture to offer you for their ease of being moved throughout the house.

A service: from the kitchen to the dining room

The service is the advantage not only of large houses but also of people who like to receive. Indeed, this piece of furniture on casters will allow you to move from the kitchen to the dining room, taking everything you need to set the table or serve your guests. In the same way, the service can go to the terrace to save you a lot of travel. So choose a handy model and do not load it too much so that it remains practical.

Folding stools: to sit everywhere

One evening there are two of you in the house, the next day there are ten of you? The solution to this large gap lies in the stool! We choose folding models that slip anywhere when not in use and that unfold in a second to accommodate everyone. And this in all rooms of the house: living room, bedroom, kitchen, terrace ... A real practical solution to consider to save space.

Poufs: a moment of calm relaxation

Do you live in a large family and sometimes need to isolate yourself for a moment of relaxation? This is the ottoman that must be adopted. This practical seat in the living room can easily be moved to a quieter room to relax. The good news is that some models are even thought to be installed outside just to further enlarge the scope of the pouffe. Our practical recovery decor videos