Mistakes to Avoid in a Functional Kitchen

Mistakes to Avoid in a Functional Kitchen

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Do you want a new kitchen? Before you start renovating or simply buying new furniture, keep in mind that a kitchen must above all be functional in order to meet your daily needs. So to help you in your new projects, the editorial team gives you its advice and lists for you the mistakes to avoid.

Error to avoid number 1: Do not organize storage

This may seem logical to some, but others will not see the point. However, it has been proven that a room that is tidy or at least well organized according to the needs of its users can save time. And it is true that it is always more pleasant to quickly find this small utensil which is only rarely needed rather than having to turn over all the drawers before putting your hand on it. More concretely each object must be easily accessible and close to its place of use: the glasses are placed in cupboards above the dishwasher or the sink, the pots and pans near the cooking plates or the plates and cutlery found near the dining table. It can also be practical to place bowls and cereals together for squeezed breakfasts, colander next to the pan or the cutting board near the ceramic knives.

Mistake to avoid number 2: Do not play with decoration

In recent years, brands have made a lot of effort to decorate the kitchen. Tea towels, napkins and tablecloths have, for example, become real everyday objects to the point that they are exposed without shame. The textile design is put forward. You can also choose to display your utensils like professionals in the industry: with a credenza bar running over a whole section of your space, a few hooks support whips, colanders and other accessories. Finally think of a suitable lighting to be able to cook without tiring your eyes: ceiling light for general lighting, hood with integrated lights above the hobs, spots under the tall furniture for those who are chore of dishes for example ...

Mistake to avoid number 3: Do not neglect coatings

Whether on the floor, on the walls or for your furniture, everything counts in the kitchen. We speak then aesthetic but also functional and safety. Slippery floors become dangerous if you have small children. To prevent these accidents, choose a tile with a non-slip quality or choose a non-slip coating. On the walls, prefer tiling near the sink or hob. Otherwise stains of water, products and food will quickly soil your walls. Another solution is to choose metal panels to be fixed directly to protect painted surfaces. In both cases, a simple sponge can remove the problems. The doors of cupboards and drawers must also be the object of a particular attention according to their coatings, their colors and other varnishes. Our practical kitchen decoration videos