Can I install a private wind turbine?

Can I install a private wind turbine?

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Answer: yes, but it is better to call in a professional.

Of course ! You can install a wind turbine for individuals, but it is not easy to do it yourself. It would be better to go through a specialist, especially if you do not have specific knowledge in this area. On the one hand, you have to choose the right size. Wind turbines for individuals are between 10 and 30 meters high, above 12 meters you must apply for a building permit, below 12 meters a prior declaration of work is sufficient. Accreditation is not always easy to obtain, on the other hand, you must study the wind configuration at your home to determine the best location. Preferably, in height and in an open environment, taking into account the space required for the blades of the wind turbine. And this is only part of the process, not to mention the connection or the opposition of the neighbors. Our practical DIY videos