How do I adjust the cords of my slat blind?

How do I adjust the cords of my slat blind?

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Answer: pull the cords simultaneously to reassemble the blind slats.

The slat blind is extremely simple to use. It can be operated both manually and automatically. A slat blind can be raised or lowered, by manipulating a chain or a cord, and has a rod allowing you to orient the slats according to day or night to let the light through. To reassemble the slats of the blind, it is sufficient to pull on the cords simultaneously (most often there are two or three) and not separately. If you operate them separately, only part of the awning will go up or down, and it will eventually hang. The main annoyance with the drawstring system is that they always tend to get tangled, which again blocks the blinds. You too, send us your brico question

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