Couture video: making a cuff

Couture video: making a cuff

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Your new pants are too long? Do you want to add style to one of your slightly damaged pants at the bottom with a trendy cuff? Jeanne Kolifrat, creator and trainer in Piquécoud lessons, offers you a simple solution for making a setback.

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Prepare the reverse

Before you start sewing a cuff, you must first prepare the marks on the cuff using a calibration. To do this, sew a frame line to the desired final length, then another line by measuring the width of the cuff and a last line by measuring the width of the hem. You will get three separate lines.

Sew the reverse

Once your news: 739845 fabric has been marked, fold it over so that the final line and the reverse line overlap. This allows you to verify that the two lines are parallel to each other. Pin on the hem, then go to the sewing machine all around. Then remove the pins. Then fold the bottom of the pants outward following the frame lines, so as to create the lapel.

Attach the cuff

To fix the lapel, you can use an iron to mark the fold. You can also sew a stitch on the side seam, under the lapel, by hand or by machine. Finally, check if the height of your cuff is that originally planned by using the calibration. Thanks to Jeanne Kolifrat, give a second life to pants whose stockings have been damaged by time. Watch the Couture video: making a cuff on Produced by Minute Facile.