Step by step: making an advent wreath

Step by step: making an advent wreath

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Advent is the period before Christmas. Its starting point varies according to religion. In Catholic tradition, it begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas. The advent wreath, made for the first Sunday, is both a strong symbol of this period and a pleasant way to start preparations for Christmas. The ornaments - plants, decorations - the colors used and the number of candles vary according to the traditions. Here, we simply retain the principle of four candles - one to light each of the four Sundays before Christmas - and evergreen foliage to symbolize hope during the long winter months. The decorations will have to be adapted according to your tastes and / or what nature will offer you. Difficulty : average Cost : around 15 €, depending on the decorations you choose and the natural elements you can have Tools required: - a straw wreath base (about 2 €) - flat candles (about 5 € the box of 6) - fir branches (or other vegetable of your choice) - pine cones - flexible wire ( around € 3) - (optional) small balls, ribbons, dried fruit or flowers or other decorations of your choice (around € 4 per box of 20)

Step 1 - Pick your pick

The ideal is to be able to collect the necessary elements in your garden or in a nearby forest. All fantasies are then allowed according to what nature will offer you. For greenery: fir, laurel, ivy, holly or mistletoe, so many plants capable of keeping their beautiful green color for a long time. For decorations: pine cones, acorns, rosehip berries…

Step 2 - Prepare the pinecones fixings

The pine cones will be fixed with the wire around the crown, once it is dressed in fir. We offer two ways to fix them: individually or in pairs. Cut a wire long enough to go around the crown, taking into account the thickness of the tree and the length necessary to tie the two strands between them. Wrap one end of the wire at the base of one of the pine cones. Secure by twisting the wire. Do the same at the other end of the wire with the other pine cone. For the pine cones that you will attach to the unit, center the wire then pass it through the base of the fruit and twist: you must have an equal length of wire on both sides.

Step 3 - Prepare the ball fixings

Proceed as for pine cones, fixing one or two balls: a simple knot is enough to determine their position on the iron link.

Step 4 - Cut small fir branches

Choose branches of equal length. Use the ends of the branches (where the needles form a round tip) and drop the branches whose ends have been cut.

Step 5 - Surround the fir wreath

To dress your fir wreath, take three small branches that you will have on either side of the wreath. Fix them firmly with an iron rod which you will block by winding the two ends between them. Continue like this all along the crown, overlapping the rows of small branches so as to hide the stems. For the last row, attach the rods under the head of the first row of branches.

Step 6 - Attach the decorations

Take the previously prepared pine cones and attach them to the back of the crown. For pine cones assembled two by two, fix them on top of the crown by making them cross. Do the same with the balls.

Step 7 - Attach the candles

You will fix the candles by means of a wire which you will block by twisting it on the top of the crown. Using a sharp knife, make a hole in the base of the candle. Pass the ends of the wire through it and flatten them at the bottom of the base. You can now replace the candles.

Step 8 - Light the candles

It remains only to light the candles, one each of the four Sundays before Christmas to respect the tradition.