Paris: 5 decorative addresses around the Ledru-Rollin metro

Paris: 5 decorative addresses around the Ledru-Rollin metro

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If the decorative signs that line the rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine on the side of the Bastille metro are rather well known, those of the Ledru-Rollin metro station are a little less prominent but are nevertheless worth the detour. To help you explore this district, which encompasses the 11th and 12th districts, here is our selection of decorative nuggets to discover.

1 - Emery & Cie

In the world of color, Agnès Emery counts! For its part, the colors are not bright but on the contrary deep with many nuances that make them almost magical. Her colors, the designer applies them in paint and wallpaper, linens, fabrics and carpets but also in tiles, dishes and furniture. To polish the decor, you will also find hardware to change your door handles and cupboards. An address where color gives birth to decoration. 18 passage de la Main d'Or - 75011 Paris

2 - Hema

In this Dutch brand, you will always or almost find something for your interior. There are linens, kitchen accessories, dishes, stationery and decorative items, all at very affordable prices that do not detract from their style. A real "good deal" address for equipping oneself without breaking the bank and having fun with the often renewed collections. Beautiful and practical at low prices, you couldn't ask for more. 86 rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine - 75012 Paris

3 - Fermob

The essential brand of garden furniture has its shop in Paris! You will find there, of course, their colorful furniture and the famous chairs that we appreciate in Parisian parks such as the Luxembourg garden or the Tuileries garden, but also many decorative accessories to make your garden a real living space. It is therefore a real place of inspiration where colors are in the spotlight for a shop under the sign of good humor. The outdoor temple is here! 83 avenue Ledru-Rollin - 75012 Paris

4 - Designers Guild

At Designers Guild, we find all the collections of fabrics and wallpapers of the English designer Tricia Guild. Passionate about colors, she does not fail to transcribe this love in fabrics with vibrant colors and bold patterns that are so representative of her British style. And when style meets beautiful materials, it gives a shop where you can find bed linen but also have fun with fabrics by the meter for furniture or curtains. A real Ali Baba cave to revamp your house with English audacity. 10 rue Saint Nicolat - 75012 Paris

5 - China

Push the door of this restaurant and you will no longer be in the 11th arrondissement of Paris but in Asia thanks to an exotic decor where the walls are red and the floor is checkerboard. To accommodate you comfortably, the restaurant has provided Chesterfield sofas which offer a mixture of daring and successful styles. During the day, the large openings provide beautiful lighting and at night, the red lanterns create the atmosphere. A la carte, Asian dishes to travel your taste buds and a delicious French-Asian brunch on weekends. 50 rue de Charenton - 75012 Paris
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