Accessories for chic table decor

Accessories for chic table decor

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Do you want to welcome your guests with chic and elegance? Know that it is the small details that make the difference and that will allow you to sublimate all of your table decor. Here are three accessories to adopt without hesitation!

A beautiful tablecloth

For a modern table, we sometimes do without tablecloth by installing the plates directly on the table or we choose to opt instead for sets or table runners. However, the tablecloth is a classic that does not fail to bring a lot of elegance to your table. Not to mention a white tablecloth like a gourmet restaurant, we can adopt a modern and chic tablecloth both with beautiful colors like gray or taupe but also trendy materials like linen. Your table will instantly take on a new dimension.

A jug of water

No question of installing a plastic water bottle on your table. You will have to bet on glass models but you can also turn to beautiful decanters that will participate in your table decor. For wine, know that you can do the same using decanters. Not only will this allow your wines to air out, but these decanters are also very beautiful objects that will bring a lot of style to your table.

A centerpiece

In a traditional table decoration, you don't miss a centerpiece. This decorative object is installed, as its name suggests, in the center of the table in style to set the tone of your decor. You can of course opt for flowers provided that the bouquet is neither too high nor too fragrant so as not to disturb your guests. Also think of the candles which will give a warm atmosphere. You can also play the creative card by making your own table centerpiece according to the theme of your table. Our practical table decoration videos


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